Digital art commissions by Kerlasia/Supermint/Superanthroexchange

Hi there, thank you for stopping by.
I'm a 24 year old, part-time freelance digital artist from Tokyo. I'm Japanese American with Italian and Irish heritage. I grew up in Japan and lived there for a little under 15 years, but am currently based in the Midwestern United States. I go by various handles: Kerlasia for my personal art, and Supermint/Superanthroexchange for my anthro commissions.

I have about 10 years of experience with digital art, and 20 years with drawing in general. I began offering digital art commissions around August of 2014, and have been gradually expanding my business since. My paid work mostly consists of character art – portraits of original characters are a popular option. I also occasionally create and sell character designs. For my personal art, I like dinosaurs/natural history, scifi, robots, landscapes, creatures/monsters, and drawing my original characters.

What does "Kerlasia S.M.E." mean?
This is the name I use to represent my professional work. One of my old handles was "SuperMintExchange", which is where the "SME" bit comes from. This is also the origin of my anthro usernames, Supermint and SuperAnthroExchange.

This website is a collaboration between my friend @DenDenYP and I. Special thanks to them and their coding efforts as it would not have been possible otherwise!

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