Reference Sheets


$70 - Basic


Included: Front/back fullbody views (standard pose), name, basic information

Additional elements (a la carte):
You may also add any of the following items for an additional charge.
Note: Items marked as “view” are for separate renditions of said item, not applicable if your character simply has markings/accessories/etc.

Custom pose* – $10
Additional fullbody (profile view) – $30
Additional fullbody (3/4 view) – $35
Headshot (front) – $10
Headshot (3/4 view) – $12
Headshot (profile view) – $10
Eyes view – $5
Mouth/tongue view – $5
Paw(s) view – $8
Tattoos/markings view – Price varies
Accessories view – Price varies
Detailed bio (paragraph) – $1
Palette – Free

*Select if any of the fullbody views will be something other than the standard pose.

Character design
I also offer from-scratch character design for an additional fee: $25 for moderate complexity, or $40 for high complexity. I do not charge for simple designs (such as “blue fox”, or things of similar detail level).

Further customization options and additional elements not listed above are available – just specify on the order form!


Please note

Complex character designs or added props will incur additional costs.
Please allow at least a week of work time for reference sheets.
You will be updated frequently during the process to ensure satisfaction with the final product.

For questions, please contact me.

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