Edits & Touchups

I charge $20/hr (minimum of $5) for work done in the following situations. Most edits are completed in under an hour.

  • Edits or touchups to previously completed commissions
  • Client changing their mind after the WIP(s) has been approved
  • Correcting errors made due to client’s failure to provide adequate, clear, and/or accurate information and/or instructions

What I do not charge for:

  • Correcting errors made due an honest misunderstanding
  • Correcting errors made due to negligence on my part

Please use the order form to arrange for edits or touchups to be made (my commissions must be currently open).

The process
After your order is received, an invoice will be sent for an initial deposit of $5.
Once the deposit has been paid, I will start a timer and make the requested changes to the commission(s). I will only advance the timer when I am actively working (no breaks or pauses included). I will keep you updated on the timer.
When the changes are completed, you will be provided with a thumbnail preview and a new invoice will be sent according to the total work time, minus the $5 deposit.
The full size image will be made available once the invoice is paid in full.
For disclaimers, see my terms.

Note: Unauthorized artists may not alter art commissioned from me in any way.