Priority Commissions

If you need your commission completed by a certain date (for someone’s birthday, for Christmas, etc.) you may opt to prioritize your commission. This means that it will be completed by the due date, regardless of what position it is in queue.

There is a 20% fee for standard priority. If the deadline is in 3 days or less, I will require 50% instead.

To prioritize your commission, please use the relevant field on the order form. If you are setting a specific date as your deadline, make sure to convert it to Chicago, IL time (Central Time) first.

To prioritize a commission after the order is already submitted, please contact me.

Please note:
This feature has limited availability. Check the queue first before ordering a priority commission – if there’s 2 or 3 priority commissions already, I probably won’t be able to accept additional ones. The exception is for Christmas/other holiday commissions.
Priority commissions with specified due dates will be started ahead of those with no specified dates.
In the unlikely event that I am not able to complete it by the due date, you are entitled to a full refund.*

*I cannot be responsible for missed deadlines due to errors made by the client.