Slot Reservations

To guarantee a commission slot in the next round, you may reserve one ahead of time. The fee will be $15.
This feature is useful if you keep missing your opportunity to order a commission, or you have important artwork needing to be completed by a certain date.

How it works
This process is only applicable if my commissions are currently closed. Check here for the current status.
1) Use this form to submit your reservation request.
2) I will get back to you as soon as possible to send the fee invoice.**
3) Once the invoice is paid, your slot will be reserved.
4) When commissions open, you will be prompted to submit your commission order.
5) You will be placed in the queue once I receive payment for the commission.

**If you are a Patron and have a free reservations code, please input it in the “paypal address” field.

Please note:
Reserved slots are limited to one per customer per round. Galaxy tier patrons may reserve 3 slots per round.
The fee is nonrefundable, and is in addition to the full cost of the order.
If you don’t submit an order and/or send payment within a week of commissions opening, your slot may be given to someone else.
In such an event, you will be able to claim a spot in the next round if you get in contact.
Reserved slots are not to be confused with priority commissions.
Orders via reserved slots are not eligible for payment plans.