Privacy Policies

Storage of Data

If you submit a form, such as contact, order, or related we are asking you to give us consent to store the data, as otherwise we are not able to process your order. By submitting a form, such as contact, order, or related we are also storing the IP address which is for security purposes only and are not used for marketing or given away to 3rd parties. All the data submitted to us will not given to 3rd parties or be used for marketing purposes, they are just being used to process your order and that's it. We are using Analytics & WP Statistics to gather basic statistics about visitors, such as country of visit, pages visited, browsers used, etc. This data is only used for internal purposes and are not given to 3rd parties.


This site uses cookies to enhance your experience and also allow us to handle certain processes better. They are mainly used for analytical purposes, e.g Google Analytics, but are also used for the internal ordering process so we can see if a reserved order is being used or not. Therefor it is essential that the cookies are enabled as you may not be able to make orders properly otherwise.


As we are trying to be compliant with the GDPR guidelines, you are allowed to request the data we hold on you, if you made an order, or contacted us through the site. You are also allowed to request a deletion of the data we hold on you, if you wish to do so please fill out the GDPR Deletion Form and we'll get back to you via e-mail once the request has been processed.