Terms of Service

Important: This page goes over everything you need to know as well as what to expect when you order a commission from me.

If this is your first time working with me, please take a moment to read through the following items. I would greatly appreciate it!
By ordering a commission, you are agreeing to these terms. These terms may be subject to change at any time.

I take payment immediately when the order is accepted. I will not start working until payment in full is received, unless we have set up a payment plan.
I send invoices to my clients. Please do not send me money manually to pay for commissions.
If for any personal reason I cannot complete your commission, you will be refunded 100%.

You may only cancel your commission if it is still pending (waiting in queue to be started). Once I start the commission, it is non-refundable.
Please check here for the current commission status, slots, and queue.

The Process
If you are interested, please fill out the order form.
Image references are required. If a character does not have an established appearance and must be designed, I offer character design commissions.
Once I accept your order, I will send a confirmation message plus the invoice. You will be added to the queue once payment is completed.
Time until the commission is started depends on what position you are in queue.
When ready, I will begin working on the commission and produce a WIP (work in progress) sketch. At this point we will discuss any changes that need to be made before I move onto the next stage.
Changes (free of charge) shall be relatively small, and preferably not require the whole commission to be redone.
After any changes are made and the commission is completed, I will send you the full size image. A smaller version will be uploaded to select sites.

NOTE: WIPs need to be approved before I can continue. If you don't respond, I will move onto the next commission while I wait. Your commission will not be completed until I receive feedback.

Usage - Important
You may use the art for personal, non-commercial purposes.
When displaying the commissioned art for personal purposes, please credit me and link back to my page.
If you wish to use the commissioned art in a non-commercial game or similar project, please let me know before ordering your commission.
I reserve the rights to the final artwork and any WIPs, including but not limited to displaying it in my portfolio, sharing it online, uploading it to my Patreon, or distributing both the original and copies/prints of it for profit.
You may not sell or distribute the commissioned art in any form for profit.
If edits are necessary/desired after completion of the commission, here is the relevant information. Unauthorized artists may not alter the commissioned art in any way.
Please do not use the commissioned art to purchase merchandise from other sources (excluding home-printing or local print services for personal use).
Please do not remove my watermark.

Please put an asterisk * after your username on the when ordering to show that you've read this page. Thank you for reading!
Complex character designs and/or extra props or objects will add to the overall cost.
My main commissions are kept PG. For NSFW commission info, click here.
I charge $20/hr (minimum of $5) for edits made to completed commissions, or errors due to clients' failure to provide adequate, clear, and/or accurate information and/or instructions.
If you refuse to pay the invoice in full after requested edits have been made, you will not be refunded the initial deposit, and you will be banned from working with me in the future.
Please note that repeat cancellations (especially late cancellations), or failure to respond to reserved commission slot reminders will result in a ban from reserving slots in the future.
I have the right to refuse commissions for any reason.